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Griz-jacking is definitely some grizangster shiz

Looks like we have our first reported Griz Coat jacking. And the burglary was pulled off by a "chick" (the jacked party has a real affinity for that term). Here's the latest from the coat-deprived, Bay Area-based Grizangster:

Apparently people like to steal polar bear coats. Last night after dinner, we were standing on the sidewalk about to head to a bar, and I let some random chick put on the coat (without the head) for a picture. A couple minutes later I look around and she was gone. Then at the bar, I saw some chick walk over and put the head on (which lots of people were doing) and she and her friends said something to each other and then bolted out of the bar. I ran them chicks down and got my head back.  Rest of the coat is still missing, and I'm about to put out an APB.


San Francisco, CA 94114 United States

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