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You people say some filthy, dirty, outlandish things. Please keep it up.


“'Bear-Suit Sex' is so freaky it has never even been the title of an R. Kelly track.” - Grantland

"Original backer here! Greatest investment money can buy #grizcoat" - Anonymous

"America, back to back world war champions and where the Griz Coat was invented......damn I love being American!" - Anonymous

"The best bad influence $200 can buy." - Anonymous

"Some things are a 'want', some are a 'need' - the Griz Coat is a 'Must have'." - Anonymous

"I've never NOT had fun in a Griz Coat. Ever." - Anonymous

"By the end of the summer, I’ll likely be either your plus-sized Griz male model…or the first person to get a mugshot while wearing one." - Anonymous

"Shut up and take my money. You're doing God's work, guys." - Anonymous

"If my coat is in beta... then this is a near perfect beta test." - Anonymous

"This coat has increased my life satisfaction by 300% in the week I've owned it" - Anonymous

"If I see a polar bear coat walking down the street I'm taking it down in my Griz Coat. That's how Griz's roll. It's a lifestyle." - Anonymous

"Wife is more excited than I am... errr...I mean wait, no..." - Anonymous

"I'll take a wily camel over a poker game with [another Grizangster] any day. I'd take a dead camel in the desert over a poker game with [same Grizangster]. I'd cut off the dead camel skin, make a camel-coat, march back to civilization and take a dump on the first guy I find wearing a Griz Coat." - Anonymous

"For some reason my grandson wants to wear this to his prom." - Anonymous

"What is the matter with you guys?" - Everyone

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