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Keep it Grizangster

It's not a costume. It's a lifestyle.

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New $299 Package Deal: One of Each Coat

Two lives forever touched + forever changed

It's Not a Costume. It's a Lifestyle.

Two faux-fur bear coats. One brown. One white. That's all.

Yes, we sell faux fur coats that look like bears. Feel free to call them bear coats, bear suits, or bear jackets, but just don't call them bear costumes. So, if want a non-costume bear garment, you're in the right place.

And we used to have a bunch of faux fur Wolf Coats and Black Bear Coats and Unicorn Coats and Panda Coats and even Neon Pink Bear Coats, but we sold out of them all and probably won't bring them back because making stuff is hard. So unless you people yell at us incessantly about making more (kinda like you did to get Wolf Coat brought back), you can officially consider those other coats collectors' items worth many tens of dollars on eBay.

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