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Keep it Grizangster

It's not a costume. It's a lifestyle.

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For any coat shipped to the U.S.

Wolf Coat is back

See? Told you we had more than just bear coats...

Unicorn Coat

Fresh out of Kickstarter

It's Not a Costume. It's a Lifestyle.

A few bear coats and a wolf coat. That's all.

Yes, we sell faux-fur coats that look like bears. Feel free to call them bear coats, bear suits, or bear jackets, but just don't call them bear costumes. So, if you want a non-costume bear garment, you're in the right place.

Oh, and now that we've got a wolf coat, you can pretty much just substitute the word "wolf" for "bear" in the above paragraph, and it would still be accurate. We could do that for you, but we're far too busy to type all of it a second time.

Plus a Unicorn Coat...

San Francisco, CA 94114 United States

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