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Call for Submissions: Griz Coat's First Annual $0 Grand Prize Photo Contest

Putting out an official call to all Original Grizangsters (OGs) as well as all Non-Original (but still really really important) Newer Grizangsters (NONGs) for your finest photo submissions for this really innovative contest we just came up with 30 seconds ago. Interested? Read on for the details... The requirements? A picture of you wearing a Griz Coat. How to submit? Email, or whatever social media thing.  The reward? Lucky you, we're digging deep here and totally maxing out our budget with a twofold prize: 1) instant fame and 2) $0 compensation.  Our pledge to you? To at least look at the picture. Maybe..  - Read More

Wolf Coat is officially back in stock!

The moment the internet has been waiting for is finally here... Wolf Coat is back in-stock! That web connectivity problem someone just had somewhere? Most likely caused by this blog post...product (re)launches of this magnitude can be server-crushing. Our apologies. So go get yourself a Wolf Coat if you can get the page to load. FYI this is a tiny limited batch of these puppies, and once these are gone, they could be gone for good. Tough to predict the mostly has to do with how tired we get of replying to Wolf Coat inquiries with a form response about it being out of stock. You see...our job..  - Read More

Limited Batch of Wolf Coats Will Be Coming Back Soon

All right all right settle down everyone. Enough of you howled at us to bring back the Wolf Coats, so we finally decided to do it even though it's sort of a hassle and we have a very strict hassle-free business policy.  The biggest hassle of all? Having to bone up on our wolf pun skills since they've gotten pretty rusty recently. That howl line above? The best we could do. So feel free to send us your faves, and that will help minimize the hassle on our end.  And if you wanna be put on the waitlist for one of these jammies,..  - Read More

Free Christmas Shipping Info

If you asked Santa for a Griz Coat, you're probably getting coal in your stocking instead. So pretty much you're on your own and should place an order by 12pm PT on Mon. 12/17 if you want it before Christmas. Just select the FREE Ground Shipping option at checkout, and we'll make it happen. Have specific shipping questions or need it earlier? Feel free to message us Here's your Christmas card from Santa:  - Read More

Grizulators are back and FREE for Cybear Monday

Cyber Monday: Free Grizulator with any coat  Our long-time fans remember the Grizulator. We used to sell them until it became too much of a PITA, and then we stopped because we don't like PITA.   What the $%&#'s a Grizulator? Put simply, Grizulators are the World's Finest Faux-Fur Drinking Buddy. It's the paw of a Griz Coat retooled into an oversized koozie. We lined it with flannel, included a detachable koozie that you can replace with your own, and kept the claws in there to help ward off drink thieves. We found a stash of them we never sold through, so for Cybear..  - Read More

Halloween shipping update and info

Quick Halloween shipping update to make sure you get your coats when you need them. If you'd like to do a LOCAL PICKUP IN SAN FRANCISCO or have any more specific questions after reading the below, just contact us and we're usually pretty fast on the replies. To get a coat delivered on HALLOWEEN (Wed. 10/31): first, please understand the coat may arrive until the afternoon or evening! Bay area folk: you can select FREE Ground Shipping until Tuesday 10/30 at 12pm (since delivery only takes one day), or email us about arranging a FREE PICKUP IN SF (available Monday-Wednesday)  Everyone else: you have until Tuesday 10/30 at 12pm PT to place an order and select UPS..  - Read More

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