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Call for Submissions: Griz Coat's First Annual $0 Grand Prize Photo Contest

Putting out an official call to all Original Grizangsters (OGs) as well as all Non-Original (but still really really important) Newer Grizangsters (NONGs) for your finest photo submissions for this really innovative contest we just came up with 30 seconds ago. Interested? Read on for the details...


The requirements? A picture of you wearing a Griz Coat.

How to submit? Email, or whatever social media thing. 

The reward? Lucky you, we're digging deep here and totally maxing out our budget with a twofold prize: 1) instant fame and 2) $0 compensation. 

Our pledge to you? To at least look at the picture. Maybe we'll do something else with it too. We'll ask you first and let you decide whether you want it to remain anonymous or tag you.

The rules? Submit it by our deadline.

What's the deadline? Whenever.

Any tips for winning? Yes, we accept tips. 



San Francisco, CA 94114 United States

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