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Grizulators are back and FREE for Cybear Monday

Cyber Monday: Free Grizulator with any coat 

Our long-time fans remember the Grizulator. We used to sell them until it became too much of a PITA, and then we stopped because we don't like PITA.


What the $%&#'s a Grizulator?

Put simply, Grizulators are the World's Finest Faux-Fur Drinking Buddy. It's the paw of a Griz Coat retooled into an oversized koozie. We lined it with flannel, included a detachable koozie that you can replace with your own, and kept the claws in there to help ward off drink thieves.

We found a stash of them we never sold through, so for Cybear Monday we're giving them away FREE. The rules are simple: buy any coat on Cybear Monday, and we'll send you a Grizulator too. And do it fast, because if we run out, we run out. And since it's a PITA to make more, we probably won't.

Oh, and we may send you a brown Grizulator or a white one or even a purple one (definitely not a purple one). Tough to predict, so don't go getting all color-sensitive on us. Your drink will be protected in any of them, and that's what's important.


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