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Halloween shipping information

We'll get it to you before Halloween. And shipping is free! Here's a little info regarding Halloween shipping. If you place your order by Friday, 10/23, the shipping is free and we'll get your coat delivered to you before Halloween (US-only). So when you check out, just select the free UPS Ground Shipping option, and if we need to expedite your package to ensure it gets to you in time, we'll take care of that on our end, at no charge to you.  - Read More

Our new checkout page is pretty cool (well, as far as checkout pages go)

Ready to nerd out about payment processor technology? Wow. OK. You're still reading this?! Well then, we recently switched over to a pretty sweet new checkout system called Klarna. It does 3 cool things to make checking out easier: 1) it can remember your payment details (which they keep totally secure), 2) you still have the option to use Paypal if you prefer, and 3) you may be eligible to pay the bill later. So if you're checking out on a phone, you don't need to fumble with your credit card and mistype numbers. We'll just send you your order..  - Read More

Our Black Bear Coat is here

The Black Bear Coat has arrived, and it's black and white and red all over: Black fur. White claws. Red eyes.  Many, many, many more newspaper riddles to come...  - Read More

Panda Coat is now available

Thanks to the backers of our Kickstarter campaign this past October, we mastered the art of two-tone faux fur and created some Panda Coats. Starting today, these beauties are officially for sale here at  - Read More

We now accept Bitcoin

We don't really know how Bitcoin works, but then again we don't really know how the US Dollar works either. What we do know is that all the cool kids are using it, so we wanted in on that action. So if you've got some of that digital scrilla to spare, you can just check out normally on our site and then select Bitcoin as your payment option. To celebrate this joyous occasion, we hand-crafted a mediocre-quality, somewhat-pixelated Photoshopped logo. Enjoy:  - Read More

Gift Cards for Griz Coats are now available

That's right. We sell Griz Coat gift cards now. Chiggity check 'em here: Hopefully this will make gift-shopping easier for anyone who's daunted by our vast product selection.  - Read More

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