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The UNICORN COAT: our most magical creation ever

It's been waaaayyyy too long since we launched an all-new design. So today we're back with our most magical creation ever: The Unicorn Coat. Right now it's available only on Kickstarter as a part of their Kickstarter Gold initiative (scroll down for more about Kickstarter Gold).

Unicorn Coat

The Unicorn Coat is packed full of all the goodies you'd expect from a Griz Coat, but for Kickstarter Gold we're allowing backers to build their own CUSTOM version. Backers get to choose from 4 horn colors, 2 eye colors, and 2 sizes. Some math wiz could probably tell you how many possible combinations that is, but we're speculating it's well north of a trillion, or possibly less.

Unicorn horn options

Other cool stuff...we've added some hooves instead of claws, and we even created our first tail! If you move fast, we have a very-limited batch of Early Bird rewards on the cheap!

rotating gif of Unicorn Coat

Here's a bit more about the Kickstarter Gold initiative, straight from the unicorn's mouth:

This spring Kickstarter passed a momentous milestone: over $1 billion pledged to repeat creators. To mark the occasion, they’ve invited some of their most beloved creators back to the platform for a celebration of creativity called Kickstarter Gold.

The details: From June 20 – July 31, Kickstarter Gold will spotlight creators as they run new projects inspired by favorite rewards and ideas from their past campaigns. Featuring some of the most exciting creators of the past eight years, the initiative will be an opportunity for backers to connect with these exceptional artists, designers, and makers — and to get in on special rewards that aren’t available anywhere else.


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