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Griz Coat has launched in Europe and New Zealand!

Some day, your children will ask you, "Where were you the day Griz Coat started selling bear coats to Europe and New Zealand?". To which you will reply, "Kid, that's the most random question in the world." Anyway, we're able to ship Griz Coats to Europe ($39 shipping) and New Zealand ($49 shipping).  But please beware that there may be additional customs fees and taxes on your end when you pick up your package, so please do your homework in advance to make sure you know what those charges will be. We're also happy to provide an estimate, so just reach..  - Read More

Griz Coat mentioned on some show today called "The Today Show"

Apparently, they talked about Griz Coat this morning on the Today Show.  Curious why they would be exploring the intricacies of the bear coat market on daytime TV?  Watch the clip here (scroll to 1:25 for the mention, and enjoy watching the required ad before you get there). And congrats to the project creators behind the Kickstarter campaign to get Kristen Bell in a Veronica Mars revival.  You're filthy rich now, so let me point you in the direction of a worthy cause:  - Read More

Griz Coats Can Now Be Shipped to Australia

After minutes of intense deliberation, we decided to open up our store to orders from Australia!  We took a lot of things into consideration before we made such a rash decision, but it ultimately came down to us wanting to legitimately use the terms "mate" and "bloke" in everyday conversation.  Now that we have an Aussie presence, nobody can tell us to stop. So Griz Coat is now up-and-running and ready to ship to a WHOPPING three countries: USA, Canada and Australia.  Don't worry though, we'll be launching to other countries soon(ish).   Ta!  - Read More

Harlem Shake and Griz Coat Officially Reach Meme-Within-A-Meme Status

We're officially declaring that the inclusion of Griz Coats in 3 different Harlem Shake videos officially makes this a sub-meme. Mack of Miami's Y100 started the Griz sub-meme: Watch Mack's Harlem Shake video Then, PATLive and spiced up a call center: Watch PATLive's Harlem Shake video Finally, Zendesk tossed in an interesting twist: Watch ZenDesk's Harlem Shake video  - Read More

Griz Coat Makes Kickstarter Best of 2012 List!

Here's the link straight to the award: Plus, they even wrote a little blog post about us: The folks at Kickstarter are about as Grizangster as they come!  Thanks to them for making this whole thing possible in the first place.  - Read More

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