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Griz-jacking is definitely some grizangster shiz

Looks like we have our first reported Griz Coat jacking. And the burglary was pulled off by a "chick" (the jacked party has a real affinity for that term). Here's the latest from the coat-deprived, Bay Area-based Grizangster: Apparently people like to steal polar bear coats. Last night after dinner, we were standing on the sidewalk about to head to a bar, and I let some random chick put on the coat (without the head) for a picture. A couple minutes later I look around and she was gone. Then at the bar, I saw some chick walk over and..  - Read More

Kickstarter Update: Thanks to all our backers!!

(written 4/25/12) To all our Kickstarter backers: We just wanted to give you all a BIG UP for making our campaign a huge success. One casual observer pointed out that Griz Coat was Kickstarter’s sixth biggest Fashion project of all-time out of 400+ projects: (and that casual observer may or may not have been my brother). Updates, info and general nonsense will be posted to our Twitter feed (@GrizCoat) or Facebook page (  Both pages are extremely popular right now (7 Twitter followers and 18 Facebook likes at the moment), so make sure to follow them closely!  Of course,..  - Read More

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