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Halloween shipping guide, 2017 edition

At long last, our beautiful Halloween shipping guide has been lovingly updated for 2017. Please read through the below document many, many times and be sure to share it with distant relatives whose names you can't remember, coworkers you can't stand, and bouncers you can't get a smile out of. They need it and will appreciate hearing from you. Without further ado... The Griz Coat Guide to FREE Halloween Shipping First of all, feel free to email us with your shipping questions. We're here to help and can figure out the deets based on where you live and when you need it and stuff like..  - Read More

Unicorn Coat is officially here!

Unicorn Coats magically appeared on our website this morning. This proves three things: 1) unicorns are real, 2) magic is real, and 3) kittens are little cats. You may or may not recall these Unicorn Coats recently making an appearance on Kickstarter. They ended up acing their Kickstarter test and achieved placement in the most magical realm of all...our website.    - Read More

Men's Health said "What a steal" about the Unicorn Coat

Men's Health wrote about the Unicorn Coat this morning and their conclusion was "What a steal." So if you're either 1) a man or 2) someone at all concerned with their health, you should probably back our Unicorn Coat Kickstarter campaign before it ends on Thursday morning, 7/20.  And the good news is that the campaign is funded so it will be happening!!! Coats will be delivered with a pretty quick turnaroud, so you'll definitely have it waaaay before Halloween. But we do need to remind you that it's still not a costume, it's a lifestyle.  - Read More

The UNICORN COAT: our most magical creation ever

It's been waaaayyyy too long since we launched an all-new design. So today we're back with our most magical creation ever: The Unicorn Coat. Right now it's available only on Kickstarter as a part of their Kickstarter Gold initiative (scroll down for more about Kickstarter Gold). The Unicorn Coat is packed full of all the goodies you'd expect from a Griz Coat, but for Kickstarter Gold we're allowing backers to build their own CUSTOM version. Backers get to choose from 4 horn colors, 2 eye colors, and 2 sizes. Some math wiz could probably tell you how many possible combinations that is, but we're speculating it's well north of a trillion, or..  - Read More

We're working on something special....

Here it is: We've decided to go all-in on this Romphim craze, except this time we'll be making it for ladies only. And we'll be calling it a "romper". Shhhhhh! DO. NOT. TELL. ANYONE. jk lol + a bunch of emojis On the reals though...on June 20, Kickstarter will be launching something special, and we’ve been invited to participate. We can’t spill the beans about what’s being planned until launch day, but you can look forward to new projects from some of the most inventive independent creators from the platform’s history — so stay tuned! We're working very, very, VERY, VERY hard on it, as always. Here's proof:..  - Read More

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