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Polar Bear Coats are cheaper than ever

You might wanna buy at least a half dozen of these Polar Bear Coats right now because we just got a big stash in for Halloween and we don't want them anymore so now we're gonna sell them. Our brainiac friend told us to make them cheaper and that will help us get rid of them faster. So we did that. $20 off + free shipping They're now $179 and still ship for free. Did we mention how flexible they are? Leadership roundtables worldwide have reached a consensus: you can never go wrong with Griz Casual dress. So now when you leave your daytime fintech VC job to head..  - Read More

Facebook thinks our Unicorn Coats are Naughty

tfw a rejection feels so damn good... And just in case you're one of those nasty people in the market for super offensive gross smut, we'll drop a link here for ya:  - Read More

Bear Coats are also Beer Coats

Hey there, it's about time for another near-worthless PSA from us here at Griz Coat HQ. This time we're just chiming in to remind you and your likeminded friends that your bear coat also doubles as a beer coat. And with that in mind, get on Kayak and book your ticket to Denver, because previously-unbeknownst to us, it appears bear coats will be making an appearance at the Great American Beer Festival September 20-22. This picture is all that we have to go on, but hey that's about all we needed to write a blog post about it. Stay grizzly.  - Read More

Tips on how to coexist with bears

Huge thanks to Buckrail for FINALLY getting the word out there and being our advocate! Note to folks who strictly wear normal street clothes: you can live with and enjoy your Griz Coat-wearing friends. You just need to follow a few simple rules outlined by Buckrail and their team of grizzly bear experts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  In our opinion, their two most important tips are: If the bear does not get a food reward they will usually leave. Do not bury garbage; bears will just dig it up. Tough to argue with that. Stay safe out there. And Griz Coat owners, please go..  - Read More

Get FREE Christmas shipping, 2017 edition

This year's holiday shipping guide is OFF. THE. CHAIN. Read on and prepare your mind for blowing. Basically, to take advantage of our free shipping offer to get your coat before Christmas, what you gotta do is: 1) buy any coat by Tuesday morning, 12/19 and have it shipped to the US 2) select the FREE ground-shipping option at checkout 3) hibernate, because 1 and 2 were A LOT of effort. Maybe even treat yourself to a spa day. And as always, feel free to send us an email if you have any specific shipping questions. Thanks and happy holidays!  - Read More

Halloween shipping guide, 2017 edition

At long last, our beautiful Halloween shipping guide has been lovingly updated for 2017. Please read through the below document many, many times and be sure to share it with distant relatives whose names you can't remember, coworkers you can't stand, and bouncers you can't get a smile out of. They need it and will appreciate hearing from you. Without further ado... The Griz Coat Guide to FREE Halloween Shipping First of all, feel free to email us with your shipping questions. We're here to help and can figure out the deets based on where you live and when you need it and stuff like..  - Read More

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